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 LUN 1106  Airspeed Indicator up to 300 kts (600 km/h)  TSO C2d, general aviation
 LUN 1107  Airspeed Indicator up to 200 kts (400 km/h) - stall speed warning  ZLIN, VUT 100, EV-55
 LUN 1108  Airspeed Indicator up to 300 kts (600 km/h) - stall speed warning  L-410, L-420
 LUN 1110  Airspeed Indicator up to 300 kts (600 km/h)  L-410
 LUN 1113  Airspeed Indicator up to 300 kts (600 km/h)  L-410, L-420
 LUN 1114  Airspeed Indicator up to 300 kts (600 km/h) - Vmo signalisation  TSO C43a, G 120, EV-55
 LUN 1116  Airspeed Indicator up to 220 kts (400 km/h)  TSO C2d, helicopters, general aviation
 LUN 1120  Counter Drum Pointer Barometric Altimeter up to 50,000 ft  TSO C10b, military aviation, L-410
 LUN 1124  Barometric Altimeter - pointer up to 10,000 m  L-410, L-420
 LUN 1128  Barometric Altimeter - three pointers up to 20,000 ft  TSO C10b, helicopters, general aviation
 LUN 1130  Cabin altimeter up to 50 000 ft
 L-39, L-159
 LUN 1140  Vertical Speed Indicator - range 0 - 6 000 ft/min (0 - 30 m/s)  L-410, L-420
 LUN 1144  Vertical Speed Indicator - range 0 - 2 000 ft/min (0 - 10 m/s)  TSO C8d, helicopters, general aviation
 LUN 1147  Vertical Speed Indicator - range 0 - 6 000 ft/min (0 - 30 m/s)  general aviation, ZLIN
 LUN 1150  Pitot-Static Tube
 L-39, L-159
 LUN 1152  Pitot-Static Tube
 aircrafts, helicopters, UAVs
 LUN 1153  Pitot-Static Tube  L-39, L-159
 LUN 1155  Static Pressure Sensor
 L-410, L-420, Z 143, Z 242
 LUN 1156  Static Pressure Sensor
 L-410, L-420, EV-55
 LUN 1162  Pitot-Static Tube  L-159, L-39 NG
 LUN 1170  Airspeed Indicator with Machmeter
 L-39, L-159
 LUN 1173  Airspeed Warning
 L-410, L-420
 LUN 1180  Vertical Speed and Rate of Turn Indicator - range 0 - 16 000 ft/min  L-39
 LUN 1181  Vertical Speed and Rate of Turn Indicator - range 0 - 6 000 ft/min  L-410
 LUN 1183  Vertical Speed and Rate of Turn Indicator - range 0 - 16 000 ft/min  L-59
 LUN 1205  Electric Artificial Horizon with electric input - REPAIRS ONLY  L-410, L-420
 LUN 1216  Turn and Slip Indicator
 TSO C3d, helicopters, general aviation
 LUN 1241  Artificial Horizon (built-in battery backup version available)  TSO C4c, L-159, L-410, helicopters
 LUN 1401  Engine Boost Gauge
 Z 143, Z 242
 LUN 1444  Dual Pressure Gauge 2x20 MPa  L-39
 LUN 1446  Dual Pressure Gauge 2x6 MPa  L-39, L-410
 LUN 1447  Dual Pressure Gauge 2x0,3 MPa  L-59
 LUN 1448  Dual Pressure Gauge 6/0,4 MPa  L-159
 LUN 1449  Dual Pressure Gauge 2x25 MPa  L-159
 LUN 1450  Dual Pressure Gauge 2x10 MPa  L-159
 LUN 1460  Detector of dangerous pressure in the cabin
 L-39, L-59, L-159
 LUN 1461  Pressure Detector
 LUN 1464  Pressure Detector
 LUN 1469  Pressure Change - over swith
 L-410, L-420
 LUN 1490  Pressure Change - over swith
 ground equipment
 LUN 1491  Differential Pressure Warning Device (detector)
 Jihostroj, PBS
 LUN 1492  Pressure Change - over swith
 L-39, L-159, L-410
 LUN 1593  Position Transmitter
 L-39, L-59
 LUN 1696  Landing Gear Position Annunciator  L-39
 LUN 1724  Accelerometer - range 5 g / 10 g
 G 120, general aviation
 LUN 2145  On-Board Warning System Power Supply Unit
 L-39, L-59
 LUN 2146  Central Warning System Control Unit
 L-39, L-59
 LUN 2150  On-Board Warning System Power Supply Unit
 L-59, L-159
 LUN 2156  On-Board Warning System Power Supply Unit
 EV-55, VUT 100, L-410 NG
 LUN 2605  Central Warning Circuit
 LUN 2661  Signal Screen Block
 LUN 2662  Signal Screen Block
 L-420, EV-55, VUT 100, Ae 270, L 159
 LUN 2663  Integrated Control Panel (lighted)  EV-55, L-410 NG
 LUN 2680  Annunciator
 L-39, L-59
 LUN 2690
 Signal Screen Block - REPAIRS ONLY
 L-39, L-59, L-410
 LUN 2696  Signal Screen Element  L-59, L-159, Z 143, Z 242
 LUN 2697  Socket of signal element for LUN 2696  L-59, L-159, Z 143, Z 242
 LUN 3158   Endstop Switch  L-39, L-59, L-159
 LUN 3159  Endstop Switch  L-39, L-59, L-159, L-420
 LUN 3240.01  Breaker of position light  L-39, L-59
 LUN 3241.02  Breaker 5Hz  L-410, L-420
 LUN 3297  Power Supply Control Unit  L-59
 LUN 3311  Diode Block  L-39, L-59
 LUN 3312  Diode Block  L-59, L-410
 LUN 5606  Temperature Control Unit  L-39, L-59
 LUN 5607  Temperature Control Unit  L-39, L-59
 LUN 5617  Temperature Controller with an emergency control mode  L-39, L-59
 LUN 5624  Temperature Controller  L-39, L-59
 LUN 5626.01  Temperature Sensor (200 Ohm)  L-39, L-59
 LUN 5627.01  Temperature Sensor (100 Ohm)  L-39, L-59
 LUN 7375  Air System Switch  L-39, L-59, L-159 L-410, L-420
 LUN 7750  Moisture Trap  L-39, L-159, L-410, L-420, Z 143, Z 243
 LUN 7850  Collector  L-410, L-420
 BKS  Electro-Static Discharger  L-39, L-159, L-410
 57-S5-7  Bomb Release Solenoid  L-39
 A-2  Aneroid  Jihostroj
 BK-APU  Barometric Box  L-159
 DTS  Differential Pressure Switch  Škoda Plzeň, ground equipment
 KAP-3  Parachute Deployment Controller Aneroid  L-39, L-159
 KAP-3P/39V  Airspeed Measuring Diaphragm  L-39, L-159
 P/N 45125  Sensor of the height  PBS
 PK-020.00  Terminal Switch  VOP Štenberk, ground equipment
 SAPHIR  Manometric Box  Jihostroj
 SU-2  Airspeed Measuring Diaphragm  L-159
 VK-53Rb  Switch Correction - REPAIRS ONLY  L-39
 F0080901  Emergency Lighting of the dashboard  L-410
 F0080907  Side Light - small  L-410
 F0080908  Side Light - small with switch  L-410
 F0080915  Door Lighting  L-410
 F0080922  Map Table  L-410
 F0080925  Integrated Light  L-410
 F0080940  Lighting Regulator  L-410

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