Production Capabilities



Air-conditioned, dust-free environment with monitoring
- assemblies up to 10 kg in environment of aerospace production
- clean room assembly (ISO 14644)
- cleaning line in the clean room assembly



CNC lathe
- maximum diameter: 36 mm
- maximum length: 150 mm

Centre lathe
- maximum diameter: 380 mm
- maximum length: 750 mm

Automatic lathe
- maximum diameter: 28 mm
- maximum length: 150 mm

Achievable accuracy: IT 7 and roughness 0.8 Ra.



Universal and centre grinding machines
- maximum diameter: 200 mm
- maximum length: 300 mm
- maximum diameter of collet: 16 mm

Surface grinding machines
- maximum gripping surface: 200x60 mm

Centreless grinding machines
- maximum diameter: 12 mm

Achievable accuracy: IT 5 (6) and roughness 0.4 Ra.



Laser cutting machine
- maximum dimension (x,y,z): 900x1300x7 mm
WEDM (wire electrical discharge machining) machines
- maximum dimension (x,y,z): 300x150x120 mm



Laser micro welding machine
- maximum dimensions (x,y,z): 200x200x100 mm



Electric furnaces
- heat treatment of steels, Ni alloys, Cu (Be – Br) alloys and Al alloys
  (in normal environments, nitrogen or argon)
- maximum dimensions (x,y,z): 200x200x500 mm
- maximum weight: 20 kg



3D modelling and advanced tools (CAD, CAM, CAE)
- CAD: SolidWorks
- CAM: SolidCAM
- CAE: Helios iNuvio

Rapid prototyping
- 3D printing (FDM method)
- printable area: 250×210×210 mm



CNC milling centres (automatic tool change)
- maximum dimensions (x,y,z): 800x460x520 mm

Toolroom milling machines
- maximum dimensions (x,y,z): 300x300x500 mm

Groove milling machines
- maximum width of grooves: 1mm

Hobbing cutters
- maximum module: 1 mm
- maximum width: 110 mm
- maximum length: 70 mm

Achievable accuracy: IT 8 and roughness 1.6 Ra.



Precision CNC drilling centres
- maximum dimensions (x,y,z): 350x200 mm

Conventional drilling machines 
- maximum diameter: 16 mm

Vertical drilling machine
- maximum diameter: 20 mm

Achievable accuracy: IT 5 (6) and roughness 0.8 Ra.



CNC press for precision cutting and bending 25 t
- maximum dimensions (x,y): 600x300 mm

Eccentric press 63 t
- maximum dimensions (x,y): 800x630 mm

Hand presses - various types



Laser engraving machine
- workspace dimensions (x,y): 200x200 mm

CNC engraving machine
- maximum dimensions (x,y,z): 180x120x180 mm
- maximum depth: 1 mm


Our manufacturing capabilities include both the machining of conventional materials  (steel, alloy, brass) and special materials (titanium, special steels, plastic).

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